Creating good times & even better Music

Meet the Band

Hailey DeMeres

Lead Vocals
Growing up in small town Nebraska, Hailey was born to preform. She owns stage and will have you in the palm her hand for then entire show.
Meet Hailey

Colin Frye

Lead Guitar
Colin is one of the best musicians around. The talent and energy he brings to every performance will not leave you wanting.
Meet Colin

Logan Dickey

Bass + Vocals
Logans embodies all that comes with being a bass player. His cool, calm and collected demeanor keeps the show grooving all night long.
Meet Logan

Emi Brugger

Keys + Vocals
Not only does Emi impress on the keys, she will have you star struck when she grabs a microphone to join Hailey center stage.
Meet Emi

Joe Brugger

As the heartbeat of our crew, Joe will have you checking your pulse at the end of any live show. His talent on the drums is unmatched.
Meet Joe

Matt Brugger

Rhythm Guitar
He brings a new variety to every show, adding fresh takes on old classics. We can always count on Matt to spice things up.
Meet Matt

Hailey DeMers

Hailey is our talented lead vocalist from Howell’s, Nebraska.

When Pioneer was first formed, the role of lead vocals was assigned based on which member sounded the LEAST bad on a particular song. After convincing Hailey to come to a rehearsal, it was very clear that her incredible voice and wonderful personality would dramatically elevate our sound and performance. As time passed what became even more clear is the meaningful friendship that formed between all of us that will stand the test of time. Whether she is crushing the high note, or pushing through a cold, we know Hailey will always rise to the occasion. She is not scared of the spotlight, and approaches every opportunity, with determination, confidence and humility and for that, we are forever grateful.

Colin Frye

Colin is our lead guitarist. Born and raised in Omaha Nebraska, Colin is far and away one the most talented musicians we have had the privilege of knowing. Our founding members, Matt, Joe and Logan, first met Colin when auditioning for the UNL Drumline. What started as professional relationship quickly turned to lifelong friendship that created the foundation for Pioneer. Colin’s knowledge and understanding of music theory combined with his creative spirit and love for teaching and entertaining has fueled our groups passion for our craft.

In short, if Pioneer were a car, Colin would be the engine. Attend any Pioneer performance and you will find Colin setting sound levels, rocking his “classic bandana” look, and making the best faces while absolutely killing a lead solo. Colin is an amazing musician and an even better guy. We are proud to call him family.

Logan Dickey

Logan is our amazing bass player from Grand Island Nebraska. Originally a drummer, Logan picked up the bass after being asked if he wanted to join just weeks after Pioneer was formed.

Flash forward a few years and Logan not only impresses with his extremely groovy bass riffs, he has become a multifaceted musician, adding in beautiful harmonies, acoustic guitar accompaniments, and eloquent compositions for future original material.

Logan embodies what it means to be a bass player, with a quiet and clever persona. His level headed, even tempered personality keeps our group focused and on task. (Especially during rehearsals!) We are lucky to have such a talent musician in our family. 

Emi Brugger

Emi is the most recent addition to our family and we couldn’t be more blessed to have her. Emi started playing keys for Pioneer after coming to gigs to watch her then boyfriend (now husband) Joe, rock out on the drums. After begging for months, we convinced her to join and haven’t looked back. Emi not only adds essential ambiance and balance to our sound with her beautiful voice and raw talent, she brings a level of professionalism, accountability, and efficiency to our group that we couldn’t do without. To put it bluntly, we would be lost without Emi. During gigs and rehearsals, she graciously keeps us on task and on time. She is the queen of organization and google spreadsheets and will put in the time to not only learn, but prefect any new part placed in front of her. We could talk about her musical talent, and no bullshit personality all day, but instead we will say that every band, organization, or team needs an Emi. We are more than lucky to have her.

Joe Brugger

Joe is the heart beat of Pioneer. Since his first “coffee can drum set” he built as an 8 year old, Joe has always been tapping along to songs and keeping his own beat. Joes ability to relay on his ear and internal metronome not only keeps our group tight, his complex fills and musical expression adds flavor to every song we play.

Joe is dedicated, diligent, and incredibly hard working. He brings energy and a wonderful sense of humor to every rehearsal and we are so lucky to have him as Pioneers heartbeat both rhythmically and figuratively.

Matt Brugger

Matt is our Rhythm Guitarist from Albion Nebraska. Since he was little, Matt has always been looking for fun new ways to make music along side his twin brother Joe (our drummer). Whether it was a piano, trumpet, French horn, cello or guitar, Matt has never been afraid to learn something new!

If we fall into a slump, we can always count on Matt to bring his never ending energy and passion to every rehearsal and performance.

We are excited to introduce to you just another piece to the puzzle that makes Pioneer, Pioneer.